Edna E. Craven


Edna E. Craven is a practicing doctor of chiropractic, medical examiner, iridologist, and nutritional consultant who enjoys and finds fulfillment in helping people and in studying esoteric writings, particularly those containing kabbalistic knowledge. She has devoted 5o years and counting in the pursuit of higher knowledge attempting to find the meaning of life and her purpose for being.

Throughout the years, Dr. Craven has helped many achieve higher levels of health, concentration, and attunement by conducting esoteric talks, by teaching practical applications of esoteric knowledge, and through her kabbalah classes, which she conducts in Irving, TX.

Dr. Craven’s love for God is evident. Her quest for expanded higher consciousness has culminated in the writing of her book, Universal Mind Revealed. Dr. Craven is a solid writer with a prodigious understanding of esoteric symbolism and keeps what can be very heady material balanced and accessible. She was inspired to write this unique, well-referenced book and make available to any open-minded, intelligent person of society the real nature and teachings of one of the most misunderstood chapter of the Genesis account.