Universal Mind Revealed


Universal Mind Revealed: is a kabbalistic rendering of Genesis Chapter 5 of the Bible. It is a book for everyone: contemporary readers, students of Kabbalah and new thought, metaphysicians, and anyone pursuing biblical understanding.

Universal Mind Revealed discloses our latent powers endowed to us to help us evolve, to learn to harness universal forces, attune to them, and alter their ultimate effect upon us. Moreover, it teaches us how to arrange the affairs of our life so that we can use the forces of life as allies, like a captain of a ship turning his sails to the wind.

The knowledge given in Universal Mind Revealed enhances our awareness of who we are, where we came from, why we are here, where we are going. This knowledge goes hand-in-hand with the famous Greek maxim, Know Thyself.

Universal Mind Revealed serves as a guide to help us harvest better crop by learning and acting on the knowledge acquired through the proper study and application of Genesis Chapter 5 of the Bible. As our awareness as human beings expands, our perception of what is written in this chapter also expands bringing a spiritual solution to every life challenge.

Universal Mind Revealed gives us a deeper understanding of life to allow for different truths to resonate. Knowledge that can give us an opportunity to test ourselves and learn our strengths and weaknesses, and at the same time helps us improve ourselves and overcome our weaknesses, makes us better and more fulfilled individuals.  It gives our life meaning. Higher esoteric teachings that help us grow are precious learnings for they open the doors to life everlasting.

Universal Mind Revealed was first published last 2015 and has been relaunched by Toplink Publishing with only minor revisions and new cover design.​

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Meditate To Unlock Awareness

Meditation brings you into accord, harmony, or sympathetic relationship with living. Like children, you can always experience joy and peace, but it is very difficult for your mind to reclaim that joy and peace after it has fallen into the hands of restlessness and material desires. Meditate To Unlock Awareness has been created to help you make spiritual hay while your readiness to meditate excels, to help you make the best use of time and opportunity by overcoming existing states of limitations and by expanding your consciousness through the use of specific techniques of meditation that can help you develop the power to control your destiny, and prevent failure and disease.

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