Book News Desk Mar. 24, 2015


While using her knowledge of Kabbalah to unveil the underlying meaning of the names and numbers used in Genesis 5, author Edna E. Craven became aware that she was actually gathering the keys to unlock the true meaning of the chapter.

Craven’s new book, Universal Mind Revealed (published by Balboa Press) is a Kabbalistic rendering of what constitutes the universal mind, how its powers were developed and how they were endowed to the human soul for its exaltation. Being an interpretation of the secret teachings of the royal priesthood of the Egyptians, “Universal Mind Revealed” gives a Kabbalistic explanation of Genesis 5, from Adam to Noah.

Universal Mind Revealed explores allegories and symbols that oftentimes perplex and discourage sincere individuals from pursuing biblical understanding. It offers readers tools for practical application of concepts to help bring forth desires, attain goals and neutralize negative vibrations in their day-to-day lives.

“Human beings are struggling to understand why the political, economic, educational, religious and social systems, and life in general, all seem to be in disarray,” Craven says. “My book brings illumination to the mind, which establishes understanding.”

“Universal Mind Revealed”
By Edna E. Craven

About the Author
Edna E. Craven has taught Kabbalah at Triangle Lodge – an affiliated body of the Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis – in Dallas. Currently she teaches Kabbalah in Irving, Texas, Her background includes 46 years of study in mysticism and arcane sciences. She lives in Grand Prairie, Texas, and practices holistic medicine in Irving.