Chiropractor and Medical Examiner Writes Bible-Related Book

Universal Mind Revealed is a Kabbalistic interpretation of Genesis Chapter 5. Genesis is the first book of the Old Testament and Hebrew Bible.

Grand Prairie, TX – May 3, 2018 – Edna E. Craven, a chiropractor and medical examiner, authored the book, Universal Mind Revealed: Genesis Chapter 5, which is an excellent source of knowledge for modern readers, specialists in Metaphysics (the branch of Philosophy that deals with the study of nature, causality, time, and existence of beings), and individuals who want to know more about the Bible. It is now available at online bookstores (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.).

Kabbalah is a Hebrew word that signifies the oral teachings of unknown knowledge. The Kabbalah teachings are also known as Kabbalistic keys of interpretation, which in ancient times used to be communicated verbally through esoteric techniques that include ciphers. Universal Mind Revealed advanced these kabbalistic keys and applied them to the Bible, the Book of Genesis.

Universal Mind Revealed unveils the hidden powers of humanity and how they can be developed and utilized. The book also explains to readers how to make use of universal forces as their allies. “The information and wisdom that I share with other people through Universal Mind Revealed can raise our consciousness of who we are, our reason for being here, where we come from, and where we are going,” Ms. Craven said.

This awareness goes together with the popular Greek proverb, “Know thyself.” The book serves as a guide to help people harvest better crops by learning and taking action based on the knowledge gained by studying and applying properly the principles unveiled in Universal Mind Revealed. As this knowledge broadens, the acuity of what has been written in this book expands as well. It generates a spiritual remedy for every challenge in life.

Universal Mind Revealed enlightens readers about a variety of truths to reverberate. It is the knowledge that offers an opportunity for believers to test themselves, to learn their strengths and also to acknowledge their weaknesses. In short, they become more fulfilled persons giving their lives more meaning.

The writer’s unending search for extended higher consciousness encouraged her to come up with this masterpiece, Universal Mind Revealed: Genesis Chapter 5. She was motivated to write this exceptional and well-referenced book for broad-minded and intelligent persons. In truth, Genesis Chapter 5 of the Bible is one of the most misunderstood chapters of the Genesis account. The light shed on this chapter by the application of the kabbalistic keys has made it possible to be understood.

Universal Mind Revealed was previously published in 2015. But now, republished in 2018 with minor additions and changes in cover design.

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About the Author
Edna E. Craven is a practicing chiropractor, medical examiner, iridologist (Alternative medicine technique), and nutritional consultant. She finds satisfaction in helping people and studying esoteric writings, specifically those containing kabbalistic knowledge. She has devoted five decades of her life in pursuing higher knowledge to find more meaning in life and her purpose for existing.

As a healthcare practitioner, Ms. Craven guides her patients in attaining wellbeing. As a speaker, she implements her knowledge in holistic medicine and in concentration and meditation practices through esoteric talks and Kabbalah classes.