Universal Mind Revealed

Edna E. Craven
Balboa Press (Feb 27, 2015)
Softcover $19.99 (316pp)
Craven’s book is a valuable resource to further human growth and evolution through illumination of the mind.

Edna E. Craven’s Universal Mind Revealed, a Kabbalistic study of the fifth chapter of the biblical book of Genesis from Adam to Noah, reveals how we can access the universal higher power and its wisdom to answer our perennial questions about the nature of God and man and use those answers to grow to our fullest potential.

Craven brings an informed and analytical mind to the study. She teaches Kabbalah at Triangle Lodge—an affiliated body of the Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis, in Dallas; her forty-six years of studies in mysticism, the arcane sciences, and the Hebrew words of the book of Genesis, particularly its fifth chapter, have equipped her to unlock the mysteries of human existence contained therein. “The thesis of this book,” she writes, “is that power bestowing knowledge has continually been partially hidden under a veil of allegory and symbol,” and although aware that possession of certain knowledge and the power it confers can be dangerous, she affirms that the time is right for the veil to be lifted.

Her book comes at a pivotal time in human history. Now, as never before, it is imperative that we ascend to our full spiritual power and take our place as cocreators at levels both conscious and unconscious, since, as Craven points out, being made in the image and likeness of our Creator, we cannot help but create. Her meticulous study of the meanings of the numbers and names in Genesis 5 as taught in the Kabbalah reveals the true potential of the human soul and advances its growth through practical instruction.

The author has taken great pains to make her complex and potentially tedious subject accessible, practical, and enjoyable. Her meticulous analysis of each chapter’s material includes a summary, valuable suggestions for practical application, and questions to foster critical thinking (answers are supplied in an appendix), making it possible, even for those disinclined to study all the details she provides, to absorb the gist of her thought.

The importance of symbols, and of the ability to correctly interpret their meaning, is reflected in the book’s attractive cover art, with the symbols used explained in the text. The back cover is beautifully laid out and includes well-written copy, a brief bio, and an attractive photo of the author. A carefully prepared copyright page is followed by an illustrated dedication page and explanation of its images. A well-organized table of contents and list of helpful illustrations, followed by a thoughtful foreword, preface, and explanation of symbolism as the language of the soul all set the stage admirably for what is to come. The bibliography reveals the sources that informed and shaped the author’s thesis. An eye-pleasing layout and design make reading a pleasure.

The author succeeds in removing some of the obstacles to understanding the power bestowed upon mankind by the Creator; her book is a valuable resource to further human growth and evolution through illumination of the mind.

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