Know Thyself By Edna E. Craven

Know Thyself has had a strong influence in philosophical traditions and has impacted spiritual circles. This famous Greek maxim instructs people to look within, to meditate or to contemplate internally.As humans, it is far more important to understand the nature of our being—who are we, how did we come to be, why are we here, and where are we going— than it is to understand the nature of the unknown.We can harvest better crop by focusing on introspection, self-reflection, and examination.

Dr. Edna E. Craven, author of “Universal Mind Revealed,” shares in this book knowledge pertinent to man knowing himself—his constitution, his powers, his consecutive degrees of growth in the evolutions of his consciousness, within which rest his several faculties and virtues that are to be developed and realized for the progression of his soul.

“Universal Mind Revealed” is highly effective at allowing the reader to get a better understanding of himself or herself because the knowledge contained within it is arranged to provoke and arouse divine impressions and revelations that help one delve deeper into self-knowledge.

Know Thyself is the heart of “Universal Mind Revealed” for it shares the long established wisdom of the Egyptians to bring to man knowledge of his true nature—his strengths and weaknesses, virtues and vices.

Ignorance is dispelled by knowledge. Man’s life can be rendered meaningful by gnosis giving him the opportunity to test himself and learn his personal strengths—what he is good at in life—and also learn and acknowledge what his weaknesses and shortcomings are. He can apply self-knowledge and live his life based on what his strengths are and at the same time improve himself and overcome his weaknesses and thus making him a better, more fulfilled individual through his existence on Earth.

Knowledge being “light” shines through darkness or ignorance to manifest within the soul its perfection, which is apparent to all the higher qualities man possesses. As a beacon of light, “Universal Mind Revealed” imparts knowledge of man’s powers necessary for the upward progressive movement of the soul and thus help man on the path of swift unfoldment.