New Meditation Book Meditate to Unlock Awareness Aims to Help People Improve Their Mind, Body, and Soul

Published: Wednesday, August 22nd 2018, 12:57 pm PHT

This book was published as a dedication to a beautiful soul who passed into the glorious realms of existence in 2017. The book aims to help those seeking not only to increase their meditation skills but also for those who are beginning the meditation path.

Amazon and Toplink Publishing are pleased to announce a new book by Dr. Edna E. Craven called Meditate to Unlock Awareness. It is now available in the Religion and Spirituality section on the popular shopping platform.
Even though meditation dates back to 1500 BCE and more than 8 percent of Americans meditate at least once a week, there are still tens of millions of Americans that don’t understand how meditation can improve their life. Meditation can help a person align his or her goals with his or her values. This new book will guide people to how important meditation is and the rewards it offers, which includes helping people focus more, make the right choices, and have a more fulfilling and relaxing life.

It was recently reported that more than 8.3 million people suffer from workplace stress, while 97 percent lead an unhealthy lifestyle. Meditation can help reverse those figures. Not only does meditation help people improve their lifestyle and their ability to make the right choices by having a clearer mind, but also it can equip them with tools to handle the challenges they face in day-to-day living. It can help people understand the joy of God and how they can develop the power to control their destiny, and prevent failure and disease.

When asked to explain more about her new book, Dr. Craven replied, “My book helps people to understand the power that meditation can bring.“

To learn more about Meditate to Unlock Awareness, please visit her website:

About Dr. Edna E. Craven

Dr. Edna E. Craven is a spiritual teacher of the Kabbalah principles. Her background includes over five decades of studies in mysticism and arcane sciences. She lives in Grand Prairie, Texas and practices holistic medicine.

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