The Universal Mind Revealed is a meticulous explanation of the Bible’s Genesis Chapter 5. With the world currently being in the state that it’s in, turning to the Bible for guidance has been the obvious choice for many. I believe what Dr. Craven is trying to show us with The Universal Mind Revealed is that, because our awareness is expanding, our perception of what is written in the Bible needs to expand as well. The answers are still there, we just need to be interpreting them in a way that reflects our evolving consciousness.

If you do not have a considerable amount of energy to invest in this book, then you can get the gist of the text by reading the summaries and practical applications at the end of each chapter. There are even a set of critical thinking questions to ponder for each lesson, however they will be difficult to answer if you are not present with the information as you are taking it in. Undertaking a deeper understanding will allow for different truths to resonate.

Essentially, the intention of The Universal Mind Revealed is to awaken humanity to the fact that we acquire our intellectual and spiritual faculties from a universal Higher Power (the God of your understanding); and that by tapping into this Higher Power we have access to a universal wisdom that is otherwise beyond comparison.

We all question the meaning of life at one point or another. Who am I? Where did I come from? Why am I here? Where am I going? Sound familiar? According to Dr. Craven, by harnessing the forces of the Universal Mind, we will be able to unlock these very answers, understand them, and use them to grow. “Man cannot use the powers he possesses if he does not understand them or does not know he possesses them.” reasons Craven.

Having been conceived in the likeness of our Creator, just in smaller dimensions, Craves emphasizes humanity’s innate ability to create. “We are fundamentally creative beings. Our greatest creation is that of building ourselves, our own character. We can make or unmake ourselves by the thoughts we harbor. Our minds are the master builders of who we are.” says Craven. Which bares the question, how could we be capable of manifesting our own realities were it not for this connection to the Universal Mind? According to Craven, proper interpretation of Genesis 5.5 leads us to conclude that humanity has been given the ability to shape and create ourselves and our lives both consciously and unconsciously. That is truly how powerful our thoughts are; we are able to create without the conscious realization that we are creating.

As Craven makes her way through the various segments of Genesis Chapter 5, every faculty from masculine/feminine energies to reincarnation is touched upon. For instance, Craven decodes Genesis 5:21 to reveal that our souls actually return to the physical world lifetime after lifetime with short breaks in between transitions. She writes, “The consciousness (soul) discards its vehicles at death and ascends through the various planes of existence in an order that reverses the way it descended.”

What I have summarized here is a minute portion of the information analyzed throughout this book. The Universal Mind Revealed is a wealth of spiritual knowledge. I get the impression that it will be very successful amongst those who are ready to receive it.

Review by Courtney Lindemann

Courtney is a publicist by day and avid reader/book reviewer by night. She has a healthy appetite for all things spiritual and is always open to the endless opportunities for growth offered by the Universe.