Title: Universal Mind Revealed: Genesis Chapter 5
Author: Edna E. Craven
Publisher: Toplink Publishing
ISBN: 978-1452519456
Pages: 328
Genre: Spirituality/Religion
Reviewed by: Ella Vincent

​​​​Universal Mind Revealed: Genesis Chapter 5 is a revealing and intriguing look at the book of Genesis. Author Edna Craven has written an interpretation of the chapter based on the Bible that will engage readers.

Craven has written a text that analyzes Genesis chapter 5 from the view of the Kabbalah, an ancient Jewish mysticism. Craven gives a detailed exploration of how Adam and Eve came to be created according to the Kabbalah. She also explains how the other characters in the Bible, like Noah and Ham, are pivotal figures in the Bible through her examination of them through the symbolism in the Bible. Craven writes about how the masculine and feminine aspects of nature are represented through Adam and Eve. Additionally, She dives into the deeper meaning of the meaning of life according to the Kabbalah about how we can create and shape our own reality through our minds.

Craven’s writing is well-researched and backed with scientific evidence. Craven has studied the Kabbalah for years and her expertise shows in this text. Though Universal Mind Revealed is based on religious and spiritual teachings, Craven delves into physics when she explains how centrifugal force helps humankind evolve. She also writes deftly about the special hidden meaning and symbolism of certain numbers like 840 in the Genesis Bible verse.

Universal Mind Revealed is very academic and goes into topics many may not be familiar with, but Craven makes the text easy to understand. She adds questions at the end of the chapters to help readers further comprehend the ideas in the book. Craven also has helpful diagrams that illustrate the esoteric ideas of astral planes and the circumference around the universal mind.

Universal Mind Revealed would be best for readers who are seeking spiritual enlightenment. Readers who follow the Kabbalah and read the main texts of the Kabbalah would be the ideal audience for this book. Readers who are fans of books like The Essential Kabbalah by Daniel C. Matt and The Power of Kabbalah by Yehuda Berg would also like Universal Mind Revealed. Even readers who aren’t spiritual can read the book and learn about unique sciences and get a valuable introduction to the Kabbalah.

Universal Mind Revealed is a fascinating new look at an ancient story in the Bible. Craven has written a book that will make readers think and gain a deeper understanding of mysticism.